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Boating Voice

Boating Voice is dedicated to providing comprehensive and up-to-date information on boats and yachts, equipment, materials, boat shows, and the latest innovations and developments in the industry.

Boats and Yachts

We cover boats and yachts, including both new and used models from top manufacturers. Our extensive inventory features everything from small recreational boats to luxury yachts, catering to a diverse range of preferences and budgets. We cover petrol, diesel and electroc powered boats.


We aim to keep our audience informed on the latest innovations and developments in the industry, including new technologies, designs, and materials. We cover engines, electrics and electronics, batteries, deck equipment, clothing and more.

Boat Shows and Marine Trade Shows

Our platform also serves as a hub for information on boat shows and other marine and maritime events, providing details on upcoming events and showcasing the latest trends and developments in the industry. Whether you are an exhibitor or attendee, our platform is the go-to source for all things boat shows.

Most boats shows take place every year in  the same month.

Boatshows and Marine Events
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Harbours, Boating and Yachting Destinations

We cover some of the most beautiful and breathtaking yachting destinations around the world. We cover the UK, US, Mediterranean and other key locations and destinations.


Finding a good Marina takes time. Some of the best marinas are often full and there is a waiting list for newcomers. Marinas are facilities designed to provide berthing, storage, and maintenance services for boats and yachts. They offer a safe and secure environment for boat owners to dock their vessels and enjoy various amenities such as fuel, electricity, water, and waste disposal services. Marinas come in different sizes and offer a range of facilities, including boat ramps, boat lifts, and slip rentals. Many marinas also offer repair and maintenance services, boat sales, and charters.

Electric Boating

Electric Boating has become more feasable. With better and more selction on engines and more efficient batteries electric boating has become more popular. Boat Director provide comprehensive coverage of batteries for electric boats, serving as a one-stop source of information for anyone interested in this area. The portal offers detailed insights into the latest technological advancements, in-depth evaluations of various battery brands, and practical tips for maintenance and optimal utilization of batteries. It also includes informative articles on topics such as the environmental benefits of electric boats, charging infrastructure, and industry updates. With its wealth of resources, this web portal is an essential destination for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of sustainable boating practices.

Education, Training and Careers

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